Thursday, December 4, 2008

To clear my mind of these thoughts...

 Today is December 4th, and I am deeply reminded of Jay-Z's "December 4th" song for some reason. I woke up at around four in the morning today, feeling incredibly worried about something I couldn't figure out, even at this very moment. I just realized that I have tutoring today at 3 =-/ i really don't want to go. I have an in class essay and a journal to complete by five o'clock (I really should be doing that right now, however I feel it is necessary to put all my thoughts into paper because my mind was going a little insane. Im listening to some trip-hop music right now, handsome boy modeling school, the type of music you here in the background of an underground private restaurant that is only visit in the late hours of the night. I went to a percussion concert during U hour today, thankfully, it was the only one that finished on time. I should be in my Public Speaking class right now, but there is no need to, Dr. Bliss said that we did not have to go to class today. I miss writing in my journal. Writing on this feels nice, however it is kind of nice to find a hard copy of my postings every time i clean my room. Christmas is around the corner and I need to do some serious Christmas organization. We put our Christmas tree up last night and it was more fun than i expected it to me. It is our last Christmas that we will spend with my older sister, she is getting married next March. I have to admit, I am saddened by the fact of knowing that she will no longer be with us as she is now. However, I am glad that she is happy and have faith that she will always come and visit her beautiful family at home =) On the bright side, I get to take over her room! At last, a closet that has twice the space as the one I have now!! Well I believe time never slows down, so neither should I, I really need to get to work on my Journal and preparing for my in class essay later on this evening. Today is my official last day of class, then it is finals throughout next week, then it is three weeks of winter break. I'm going to miss having stuff to do and read. I will try and pick up on a few new books this break, definitely some Langston Hughes, he is truly inspirational. 
Any who, I am leaving now. If anyone ever reads this.... God Bless you and have a nice day...peace... 


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