Friday, April 19, 2013


There has been so much chaos going on in the world this past week. From the Boston Marathon explosions to the explosions in Texas, and the bomb threats at CSULA it is truly a time where we see how evil the world can be. However, with so much evil existing around us we must rise above. I do not know why all of these events are occurring or why so many peoples lives have been lost and affected for a lifetime. However, I do know that we are not destined for destruction. I believe that these events, while tragic and devastating, they have brought many people together. I suppose that is what chaos can do. Looking at history, the times where countries have had the most unity are during times of chaos such as world wars and natural disasters.

This quote is very meaningful for me. It talks about not getting to wrapped up thinking that our opinions are so valuable that they alone will make a change in the world. Actions speak louder than words and I am really evaluating how I am being a contribution to society in a time like this. While I cannot physically be present to comfort those who have lost loved ones or have been injured in these attacks, I can live a life promotes love. I want to live a life that promotes real, practical love. I want to give people hope that even in a time of chaos and disaster, there is still love and hope for better days.

More than anything I am going to pray. I know that I cannot do much but I have faith that all of this is under control by someone who knows it all.

God Bless us all.

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